Alternativa Europea’s Blog is online!

After one year of preparations, Alternativa Europea Bruxelles is happy to announce that its Blog is ready and operative!

What we are.
AE is a non-profit youth association whose membership comprises of people from many different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. The Blog works completely on a voluntary basis and gives the opportunity to pro-skilled individuals to implement their knowledge in their respective fields, have visibility and live a first editorial experience in an international team.

What do we do?
AE’s mission is to reduce the gap that exists between the European Union and its citizens. Taking this into account, the Blog aims to provide in-depth information on EU affairs in an easy reading style and through different points of views. The structure of the categories of AE’s Blog is based on the interests of its writers: Public Policies, Foreign Affairs and Culture. Furthermore, there are three special sections that are dedicated to three clue topics of this decade: the financial crisis, the immigration crisis and the fight against corruption.

Monday – AE NewsRoom: start the week with the communication of our activities or other important news;
Tuesday – AE blog staff articles: read articles exclusively written for our blog by our pro-skilled members;
Wednesday – European Impact: read the weekly article of Vania Putatti, the Operations Director of AE’s blog;
Thursday – AE blog staff articles: read articles exclusively written for our blog by our pro-skilled members;
Friday – EUMAgazine Revivals: read our articles published on AE’s first European Project, EUMAgazine;
Saturday – AE NewsRoom: keep yourselves updated on the development of AE’s activities or other important news of the week;
Sunday – AE its members and its partners: read articles published by our partners or by our members on other platforms.

Alternativa Europea wants you!


Do you like AE’s Blog? Do you think you can help us? Contact us!
AE is looking for more writers, revisers, editors, social media operators and graphic designers to improve our staff. (

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