About AE

AE's Missions

Alternativa Europea aims at promoting an alternative view of Europe. It is a project that looks towards the future, especially concerning the young generations.

Our goal is to share and promote our vision of Europe, which is based on the need to improve the process of integration by putting European populations and individual rights at the very centre of EU policies. This is why we embrace democratic principles at all stages.

We believe that social inequality in Europe can be addressed by encouraging democratic integration, which would bring European citizens closer to EU Institutions. It is our conviction that this can happen only by fostering participation through democracy.

As an international network, Alternativa Europea is working together with other groups in order to encourage European cooperation. To do so, we promote cultural exchanges and support several political initiatives. Alternativa Europea wants to build a true European unity, both politically and culturally.

The United States of Europe is our ultimate goal, and we are fully aware of how important this is for our future. We will implement our objectives through workshops, seminars, public awareness campaigns, policy papers, publications and events.

What we are

AE is a non-profit youth association whose membership comprises of people from many different countries and diverse cultural backgrounds. The Blog works completely on a voluntary basis and gives the opportunity to pro-skilled individuals to implement their knowledge in their respective fields, have visibility and live a first editorial experience in an international team.

What we do

AE’s mission is to reduce the gap that exists between the European Union and its citizens. Taking this into account, the Blog aims to provide in-depth information on EU affairs in an easy reading style and through different points of views. The structure of the categories of AE’s Blog is based on the interests of its writers: Public Policies, Foreign Affairs and Culture. Furthermore, there are three special sections that are dedicated to three clue topics of this decade: the financial crisis, the immigration crisis and the fight against corruption.