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When speaking of Belgium, people often refer to Brussels, however this little country has a lot more to offer.

When going out to eat in this small country, one can find culinary dishes from all over the world such as French or Italian cuisine, or Japanese, Thai and Chinese restaurants. For people interested in a cheap quick snack there are also a large number of kebab shops and fries stalls as well as waffle and chocolate shops around every corner in Brussels. When it comes to drinking, since Belgium has over 1,000 breweries – the most per capita in the world – beer is easy to find and is the cheapest form of alcohol.

In addition to serving appetising food and savoury beer, Belgium also has a lot of interesting sites to visit. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, it is also the capital and the administrative centre of the European Union, as well as home to the European Commission and the European Parliament. There are many museums such as the Cinquantenaire Museum – host to the Army Museum, the Auto World Museum, an art museum, and more – the Museum of Natural Sciences and the Royal Museum of fine arts.

Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium and is an excellent place to spend the day. Whether it is to go shopping or to go out for dinner, Antwerp offers it all. Visitors can also check out the Antwerp Zoo as a fun afternoon attraction. There are several exhibits and unusual garden features to be seen.

For the ones interested in romantic historic cobblestoned villages, Bruges is the place to go. This Flemish village is sometimes referred to as “The Venice of the North” due to its canals, squares and beautiful gothic architecture. Some sites to consider visiting are the 14th century town hall and the Cathedral of the Holy Saviour.

Another city that is often overlooked but which is not to be forgotten is Ghent. It is a charming university town which is at its liveliest in July when one of the biggest cultural and popular outdoors festival of Europe takes place; it is the “Gentse Feesten” with lots of food, music and street entertainment.

To make things even better, Belgium’s transport network is exceptionally elaborate and costs of transportation within the country are quite low, making it extremely easy and cheap to travel within the country.

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